Bentley Continental GT W12 KESSY Keyless entry/start control module Fault

Bentley Continental GT W12 KESSY Keyless entry/start control module Fault

Bentley Continental GT Kessy keyless entry/start fault

Bentley Continenatal GT W12 KESSY Keyless entry/start control module Fault. This bentley continental GT initially came into the workshop with the keyless entry and stop start button not working. Before we start any diagnostics we support the electrical systems with a battery stabiliser. Firstly we confirmed the fault and then we carried out a bentley diagnostic test plan which checks the kessy system. Once the test plan completed we then follow a guided fault finding procedure, this procedure tests components as required. After following the guided tests we were able to confirm the fault inside the Kessy unit. The kessy unit was opened then we found water contamination on the circuit board (see pictures).

Kessy units are only available under a strict ordering protocol via Bentley motors. The cost for replacing the kessy unit could be several thousand pounds, bearing this in mind we were able to have the kessy unit repaired. below shows the circuit board and the replacement relays that were damaged. Refitting the unit and final tests confirmed theĀ successful repair. Finally one very happy customer. Costs for this repair was under a thousand pounds. We don’t like to be defeated and endeavour to resolve all issues.

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Bentley some electrical gremlins, traction control light on, seat lock warning light on, bonnet 'open' warning display on