P0299 & P1299 Mitsubishi Shogun Montego Pajero 3.2 Did carbon problem

P0299 & P1299 Mitsubishi Shogun Montego Pajero 3.2 Did carbon problem

P0299 & P1299 Mitsubishi Shogun Montero Pajero carbon problem

Got issues with the EML light coming on, lack of power and or black smoke coming from the exhaust. This could be the problem? huge  carbon build up inside the inlet manifold due to lack of servicing. Incorrect oils used, faulty or sticking exhaust re-circulation valve. Using terraclean or injector cleaner has been tried but still not resolved the issue. Your in the right place to get some good and more importantly FREE advice.

Problems occur within the turbo boost sensor pipe for the boost sensor. Blocking inside the inlet manifold thus reduces the boost pressure delivered. The boost sensor then giving you the code for underboost condition p0299 &p1299. There are other factors that can reproduce the same code like turbo actuator sticking. The variable vein turbo charger veins sticking or even in extreme cases we have seen the catalytic converter backed can all cause underboost condition.

Diesel Particulate Filter blocked and the exhaust centre and back boxes full of soot (lets hope yours is not that bad). You need to remove the upper inlet manifold to see into the carbon build up. the only way to fix this is to remove the manifolds and get your hands dirty.

Once the manifolds have been removed they need to be completely cleaned and the cylinder head ports and the back of the engine valves need to be cleaned. Remember to make sure when your cleaning the inlet ports inside the cylinder head to make sure the valves are in the closed position because you don’t want the valves been held open due to the excess carbon sticking under the valve seat.

Reassemble, carry out a forced DPF region, change the oil & filter with quality low ash oil (we recommend Mobil1)



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