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Ingenium Engines

In late 2015 JLR launched their new range of Ingenium diesel and gasoline engines, designed to replace the Ford sourced units the first application was the new Jaguar XE and since then the design has found its way into the majority of the JLR models with the most popular being the XE, XF, F Pace, E pace, Discovery Sport, Evoque and the Discovery 5.

Mitsiland Engine Maintenance

Unfortunately as most owners of these vehicles will know this engine does not come without its problems. The most common being premature oil dilution caused by the diesel particulate filter (DPF), the engine MIL (malfunction indicator light) being illuminated or rattling from the engine timing chin area. In this blog we will cover both topics and try to explain what you should do if you are faced with either of these problems.

DPF issues

coquitlam dpf egr delete icon

One common sign of a pending DPF issue is when the “service now” light appears on the dashboard, especially when you believe a service is not due. Usually the oil condition sensor is the first thing to pick up on a problem as the engine oil quality is reduced due to fuel dilution. This reduction in quality is normally a result of excessive diesel fuel being injected into the engine and entering the lubrication system.

Diesel Particulate Filters in themselves are clever bits of kit and when working correctly are good at what they do. However achieving the right driving style and driving conditions for them to work at their most efficient is often where the issue begins.

The sole purpose of the DPF is to collect the soot that is emitted from the engine. This soot accumulates in the DPF canister and when a high exhaust back pressure is sensed a re-gen will occur. To achieve a re-gen the vehicle needs to be driven in a certain style so as the correct exhaust temperatures can be reached and enough air flow over the DPF can occur so as to not create a thermal event.

It is this drive cycle that can create the issue if the cycle does not fully complete. Excess fuel that is injected into the combustion chamber to create to a circa 800 deg C exhaust gas temperatures. It is this hot blast of exhaust gas that is needed to burn off the accumulated soot. If this event does not fully complete then the excess fuel will not get burnt off resulting in engine oil that is heavily contaminated with diesel fuel. Therefore the message here is do not ignore the service now light get it checked out before it becomes a lot more costly than an engine oil change.

Timing Chain Issues

symptoms of a failing timing chain

Unfortunately the Ingenium diesel engine can suffer from premature timing chain failure. The first indication of an issue can be the engine MIL (malfunction indicator light) being illuminated or rattling from the engine timing chain area. The timing chain itself can stretch or break whilst the plastic guides and associated componentry can also fail.

Another timing chain consequence common issue is failure of other engine components such as big end bearing this is usually as a result of plastic contamination from the failing timing chain guides blocking the engine oil pick up pipe.

If you have any concerns around your Ingenium powered vehicle and are looking for either advice or a repair then do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Mitsiland.

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